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Redneck Chicks of the Dirty South

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All my sisters out there keepin it country!

This site is for sexy redneck chicks who live in the Dirty South. Tell my why you are a redneck chick in 100 words or more, and you might be qualified to win free prizes!

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, LeeAnn Womack, Crossfade, Dave Matthews, Nickelback,and The Killers
Favorite TV show: CSI
Favorite movie: Pirates of theCarribean
Favorite book: yeah right
Favorite sports team: UT
Favorite food: pizza

My Hobbies

chicken farming, dead chicken baseball, fishing, mudboggin, watching Larry the Cable Guy, mud wrestling, fencing, karate

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Martini Glass, Filling

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